Group Benefits and Retirement Solutions

Have employee benefit premiums cut into your company’s bottom line?

Is it time to seek a second opinion on your benefits package?

Are you receiving personalized service from a benefits specialist or are you stuck with 1-800 for advice?

Are you aware of the implications of the new Hepatitis C cure on your healthcare plan?

Increase your bottom line and reduce the uncertainty of today’s volatile market by working with The Haskings Team to develop a personalized, innovative group benefits plan. Employee benefit plans give your company a competitive advantage to help attract and retain talented, motivated employees for the long term.

Why the Haskings Team?
Our Team of Experienced Financial Planners work with you to construct a unique, in-depth, and creative plan to cut your companies’ costs through The Haskings Team Approach 

  1. Explore: Thorough research of the company’s needs and collection of internal and external information important to the key stakeholders within the company. Explore the customizable options that align best with your company’s core characteristics.
  2. Review: After collecting vital information, we personally negotiate with various insurance companies the specific benefits, rates, services, and support that align best with your company. Review the available alternatives in a clear, concise format with our knowledgeable Certified Employee Benefits Specialist to pick the most effective plan for your company.
  3. Succeed: Once the plan is implemented The Haskings Team will continue to provide assistance ensuring that the plan enhances the success of your company and employees in the long run. We engage with your employees to understand their needs and educate them.

Retirement Planning Solutions

We work with you to develop and modify corporate strategy for retirement savings for employees and to maximize tax advantages implementing pension plans, group RRSP’s and deferred profit sharing plans. The Haskings Team of Certified Financial Planners provides customized retirement plans for all employees. We offer expert advice on equity funds, bond funds, labour-sponsored funds, maximizing foreign content, and proper mixes based on each individual’s personal level of risk. 

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